About Us

Dr. Esete Getachew

Message from the CEO

Kidney disease has being on increase in Ethiopia over the last 10 years and showing no sign of decreasing.

Good support management for chronic kidney disease is also needed so patients can live a better lives.

It causes physical,mental,social and financial burden on both patients and family members.

Eventhough all kidney diseases are not prevetable,there are ones which are and creating prevention awareness will help in protecting the kidney and decreasing the burden.

.In order to be part of the soultion,we as medical doctors,health professionals,enterperneurs and part of the community have started this organization to help in the process of making a difference.

Join us on this grand vision and make it a reality.


Ethiopian Kidney Care (EKC) is a non-profit organization.It was started to tackle the increasing problem of kidney disease in Ethiopia. It is led by board members of 6 people which consists of a multi disciplinary leadership from various backgrounds including senior medical specialists, health sector managers,entrepreneurs,business owners and non profit organization leaders.
Its objectives are:

  1. Education and awareness creation about kidney health and disease.
  2. Research- Conduct nationwide researches about kidney disease to be done.
  3. Kidney patient support. organization.
You have a crucial role to play and contribute to this organization.

Board Members

Yenehiwot Mesfin

Chair Person

Dr. Fasika Shimeles

Board Member

Adanech Kebede (Ms)

Board Member

Dr. Samuel Zemenfeskidus

Board Member

Sister Hana Samson

Board Member

Dr. Hamelmal Gebeheu

Board Member

"Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Each donation is an essential help which improves everyone's life